The Team

Executive Director

María Baron
[email protected]
María is a journalist with a master’s degree in International Relations from Bologna University, Italy and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the National University of San Martín, Argentina. She has worked in numerous organizations that promote civil society in Argentina and in organizations abroad that work to reduce corruption and enforce ethical behavior in public officials. A Fulbright-APSA Congressional Fellow, she has published six editions of Directorio Legislativo: Who are our legislators and how they represent us, in addition to numerous other publications about the legislative power in general.

General Coordinator

Noel Alonso Murray
[email protected]
Noel has a BA in Political Science from the Catholic University of Argentina and a master’s degree in Public Policy from FIAPP, Spain. Over the past seven years, she has worked in numerous NGOs in Argentina and has collaborated with María Baron to publish Directorio Legislativo. Noel has lectured about the function of legislative power in various universities across Argentina and has served as moderator for numerous seminars and workshops.

Consensus Building


Pamela Folla
[email protected]
Pamela Folla has a Degree in Work Relations from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and a M.A. in Design and Management of Policy and Social Programs from FLACSO Argentina. Over the past ten years she has worked in diverse civil society organizations designing and managing projects in institutional and thematic areas. Folla has also conducted conferences on institutional development for civil society organizations.

Legislative Transparency


Agustina De Luca
[email protected]
Agustina De Luca is currently studying Political Science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina. Having previously studied at King’s School of English in London, she holds an international certificate in English. De Luca has worked as an intern for Poder Ciudadano in Political Institutions and Government, and developed as a tutor in an online seminar on democracy entitled “Democracy: History, Conflict and Dynamics” organized by the Moisés Lebensohn Institute.

Current Legislative Activity


Lorena Zapata
[email protected]
Lorena Zapata holds a certificate in Journalism from the Escuela de Periodismo TEA y Deportea, and is currently perusing a Degree in Political Science from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina. Over the past ten years she has worked in the fields of communication and social science with journalists, politicians, legislators, social leaders and the third sector. For years Zapata wrote for the Sunday journal Miradas al Sur, and the magazine Caras y Caretas as well as conducting special research for their historic-institutional publications. She has also worked in journalistic production for AM and FM radio (Radio América, Radio de la Ciudad y Radio Colonia; Aspen y Blue) as well as for the morning televised newscast on Channel 7. Lastly, she has worked with the NGO Fundación Leer on their project “Galería de Autores” which introduces primary students to literature and collaborates with educational websites.


Matías Ortega
[email protected]
Matías is journalist. He is currently studying Social Communication at the National University of La Plata. For two years he covered committees and meetings of the National Congress and the electoral process, for the magazine National Congress News (NCN). He previously worked at the Daily Echo in Tandil and FM radio Diagonals (La Plata). He was assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Com. Social and research fellow at the Centre for Research on Literacy (CILE). He conducted journalism workshops in the neighborhood Melchor Romero, as part of the National University Volunteer Program, organized by the Ministry of Education’s.


Matías Pellegrini
[email protected]
Matías has a degree in political science with a concentration in state and public administration from the University of Buenos Aires (2010). Member of research groups concerning the problems of representative democracy, he participates as a speaker in political science conferences on this theme. He has had experience in NGOs. Topics of interest: Local Public Management, Representative Democracy and Citizenship.

Correspondent of Corrientes, Misiones and Entre Ríos

Milva Carlino
[email protected]
Milva has a degree in Political Science (University John F. Kennedy). She specialized in Local Development and Political Marketing. She was a fellow of the 20120 International Visitors Leadership Program of the U.S. State Department. She served as an independent consultant associate with significant national consultants, especially in areas of policy analysis, public opinion research and electoral campaigns.
She is currently executive director of Quorum, a consultant who serves institutional and political communication.

Institutional Development


Olivia Guyot
[email protected]
Olivia has a degree in Anthropology and Sociology and a Master degree in International Cooperation and Development from the University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium. She followed an intensive program in Human Rights and Conflict Resolution at Berkeley University, California. From 2010-2012, she worked as an intern in the Argentinian Network for International Cooperation (RACI) and The Environment and Natural Resources Foundation (FARN) in Buenos Aires. She speaks French and English.

Responsible for new projects

Germán Werner
[email protected]
German has a degree in Journalism (Universidad del Salvador) and has done graduate studies in Strategy. Communicator with extensive experience in policy analysis and institutional relationships with over 10 years of experience as a political advisor of the Embassy of Japan. Current focus in consulting, planning and development of new projects and services.


Húngara Comunicación

Geraldine Keczeli

[email protected]

Advisory Council

Ernesto Calvo
Ernesto Calvo is an Argentine academic currently residing in the United States where he received a Ph.D. in Political Science from Northwestern University. A specialist in comparative politics, economic development, and electoral studies, he is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland. Calvo has also taught at the University of Houston in Texas, the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University in Illinois. In addition, Calvo has received various awards for his research related to legislative branches, elections, and voters. His publications include three books on political parties, politics and representation in Argentina, chapters for collaborative publications, and twenty-one articles for journals specializing in legislative topics. Calvo has worked as a consultant and monitor for political reform processes and innovative methodologies for legislative transparency.
Juan Miceli
Juan Miceli has a Degree in International Relations from the Universidad del Salvador in Argentina. He received scholarships from Reuters, CNN, and the University of Jerusalem to continue his studies in journalism. Since 2010 Miceli and Cecilia Larato have hosted the central newscast on public television. Working as a journalist since 1989, Miceli started as the host of the newscast on Cablevisión and Radio América. He has collaborated on the morning paper El Cronista and the evening paper Extra. Miceli has worked as a special correspondent covering elections, presidential campaigns, regional summits, and special events like the death of Lady Di and the repatriation of the remains of Che Guevara in Cuba. In addition he has hosted the program Síntesis and Telenoche Investiga on Channel 13 and been in charge of informational segments and international news coverage on the Channel Todo Noticias (TN). He has also hosted the journalism programs KPZULLA and ADIKTA. From 1998 to 2002, Miceli worked as a Professor of Journalism at the Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina. He has received various awards for his work on television.
Ricardo Forbes
Former President of the Department of Agriculture in Argentina.

Esteban Galuzzi
Esteban Galuzzi is the General Manager of Intel’s Southern Cone District, which includes the countries of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. An industrial engineer, he is a graduate of the Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires (ITBA) and holds a MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Galuzzi has eleven years of experience in the IT industry, nine of which he has spent with Intel. He first worked as Director of Training in the United States, but has worked in Argentina as the Director of Product Marketing for Latin America for the past six years. Before joining the IT industry, Galuzzi worked as engineer for FedEx and an analysis for the Techint Group.